Grace Baptist Church and Eastland Baptist Church Partnership Covenant

We are so grateful for the new partnership between Grace Baptist Church and Eastland Baptist Church. The mission of our covenant is to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and we believe that relationship changes all aspects of our life. Yet for too many people there is a huge divide between the faith they celebrate on Sunday and the work they do on Monday. Grace and Eastland will work together in closing that divide.

Covenant Agreement between Grace Baptist Church and Eastland Baptist Church

We commit ourselves to work together for the building up of Christ’s body and the work of the church in the world as directed by the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the partnership is to facilitate cooperation between the congregations in the ministry of the gospel while permitting them to maintain their perspective identities and heritage. Both churches will remain totally autonomous as congregations of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Tennessee Baptist Convention, and the Nashville Baptist Association.

Prayer: The foundation for our partnership is prayer. Each church commits to pray for the partnership as we seek to know and do God’s will. In particular, members of the partnership team will pray regularly for our churches and the partnership. 

Support:  Each church will seek ways to support each other, especially in times of need, and will work to build trust and relationships.

 Partnership Team:  A partnership team comprised of up to four (4) representatives will be appointed by each congregation and will meet no less than twice a year to determine joint issues of the 20/20 mission’s vision covenant. The teams will seek opportunities and plan for joint activities such as worship, outreach, Sunday School, Bible Study, VBS, and seasonal special events.

Leadership: The congregations will maintain separate governing bodies as directed in its respective constitutions and by-laws.

Finances:  Each congregation’s finances will remain separate. The Finance Committee for each congregation is to manage and maintain that congregation’s finances as their constitution directs.

Approval/Termination:  This covenant will be in effect when approved by both congregations and signed by its representatives. This covenant agreement may be terminated by either congregation if approved by a majority of its members and by its partnership team giving ninety (90) days written notice to the other partnership team. Following receipt of this notice, the receiving congregation team shall meet within 10 days to discuss the proposed action and submit a recommendation to its congregation. 

    CSM   Nashville Spring 2017 Team 

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